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Bringing Vegan Food to the Masses through Digital Branding and Creative Design

The beautiful thing about branding is that it can change the way we see something. It can turn an bland concept into something exciting and inviting.

Laura and Micheal are two creative visionaries looking to transform how we look at vegan food. They were on a mission to help people live more healthy lives through educating the masses about vegan food – changing the perception that vegan means bland. Starting one of the first vegan restaurants in 2005, Soul Vegetarian, they were looking to take their soul delicious vegan cuisine to the masses.

We created a colorful burst of flavor for their new identity, bold and rich as the values that rooted their company – health, respect for the earth, and joyful living. The “soul delicious” tagline represents ethnic and southern food recipes and flavors that nourish the spirit, mind and body.

An online “Soul Veg” lifestyle brand with cooking demonstrations was also created to support their raw food line and promote their regenerative cuisines.